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I Plan, Design, and Build Apps
My passion is to make accessible, unique apps that set themselves apart from apps on the internet

Main Project

Koperansel.com is Indonesia’s online and mobile lodging search apps. Koperansel combine searching experience and compare the best deals for premium hotels, budget hotels, and packages, reviews and the best travel facts from across 100+ travel websites to provide the most trustworthy travel information at one place. We design and develop travel application that simplify travelers and make them have a happy travelling experience

Koperansel are made towards giving travellers a pocket database to get all their travel related answers. Right from choosing your destination like what to see, where to go, where to stay, tips and trivia, you can plan all elements of your perfect trip here. We’ll be your friend and guide with reliable information for every trip you undertake, with online tools and mobile apps making your lives simple and stress-free

Other Projects

Hotelvanjava is a hotel management system that can integrate all operational activities of the hotel. Hotelvanjava help the managers of the hotel through a system designed specifically to facilitate data collection such as supporting online and offline reservations. One of the benefits offered was an increase in sales and decreased all the expeditures. Hotel Van Java has many features to support hotel operations, the initial goal of HotelVanJava stand to support a budget hotel that has limited management support to improve operational productivity and revenue from services provided by the hotel, for example room, meeting room, and restaurant


Meet My Team

Reza Akhmad G.
Product Development

 I’m providing some framework to orient our start-up development projects as well as its development process. The strategy takes into account the company’s capabilities (strengths, weaknesses and core competencies), the competition’s capabilities (strengths, weaknesses, core competencies and strategy), market needs and opportunities, goals, and financial resources.

Dwi Pradito W.
Marketing and Sales

 Sales and marketing are both incredibly important parts of a company’s overall business picture, and at the very best companies, they work together to create an environment where quality flourishes, and customers benefit. But sales shouldn’t think like marketers, and marketers who think like salespeople do not tend to get the results they want.

Handal Abdillah
Information Technology

 Information Technology assisting startups with the planning, implementation and management of the solutions. We work as an expert team that can help on comprehensive IT plan and incorporate it into a new or existing business plan. We provide guide to the path of acquiring and implementing new technologies, and provide managed services.