Whats up.

Reza left his career as an IT Engineer since 2015.
Currently he's pursuing executive class on Master Business Administration program

What I Do


Who I Am

My name is Reza Akhmad Gandara. Born in Jakarta and raised in Bandung, Indonesia. I’m a Web Developer with passion in Information System. I was graduated as a Sarjana Teknik(Bachelor of Engineering) of Information Technology from Telkom University. Currently im pursuing master degree with major business administration at Institute Technology Bandung. Before I take master degree, I was working at Big Data Information Technology Company.


Programming Activities

Many activites I did during my programming activities. Since 2011, I’ve been involving research and learn about programming with my colleague Rio. Here our experiment that stop in the middle of the project because lack of team knowledge and just do it for fun

Actually, there are more my portfolio during my activities as a programmer. Contact me if you want to see my full portfolio

Say Hello.

Here are my 12 random photo. Enjoy it:D